Hungarian Buddhist Vipassana Foundation

On our way since 2000

Our foundation aims to introduce the satipatthana vipassana meditational technique worked out by Mahasi Sayadaw, who lived in Myanmar. This meditational technique increases self-awareness to a great extent and helps to improve human relationships. The metta (love) meditational method deepens relationships and resolves conflicts. This year, the Foundation has set the goal of translating Sayadaw U Pandita ‘s book ‘In this very life’ . The book contains a detailed description of the states of mind arising during the meditation, the helping and hindering factors, and provides great help in advancing in the meditation.

The main office of the Foundation:

1212 Budapest, Széchenyi I. u. 77.

Bank account No.: Magnet Bank   16200209-17067261  

Donation account:   16200209-17067278

The Foundation is open; Hungarian and foreign natural as well as legal personalities can join if they accept the regulations of the deed of foundation. The intention to join must be announced in writing, and the board will decide about the acceptance.

Signing up and information:

Email: Buddhista Vipassana Alapítvány

Andrea Beáta Tóth
+36-20 358 02 97

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